Raphael Nursery

Why “Raphael Nursery?"

The founders wanted to revive their late son, Raphaël, through the beautiful project of the nursery. He was a child with a heart-warming “joie de vivre”, always smiling and making others laugh. He was caring, loving and very curious of people around him. We hope to see these same core values bring happiness to all children attending the setting. Raphael Nursery is thus far more than a nursery. Raphael nursery wants to feel like a home away from home for our children.  We can nurture them for the future and prepare them for their next steps. We indeed hope to communicate a lifelong love for learning. We would like to bring the children to become flexible and learn to adapt to new children, new people, new activities. We look to develop confidence and positive minds. Our children should thrive to become happy learners demonstrating curiosity in our bilingual French Montessori nurseries in Clapham and Hammersmith. They would also be very caring for others and open to diversity.

Our Ethos

Clapham Bilingual French nursery

Caring and loving

We share a “joie de vivre” in everything we do in our bilingual French Montessori nurseries. We value diversity, integrity, and care for our children, colleagues, parents, and community.


We challenge ourselves to provide limitless learning and development opportunities for children. We take pride in providing excellence in everything we undertake.


We believe that bilingualism expands learning children capabilities.


We put the children safeguarding at the heart of everything we do.

Our Team

Clapham Bilingual French nursery

Our talented teachers all share a passion for education and working with children at our bilingual French Montessori nurseries in Clapham and Hammersmith.

Our teachers rotate consistently between French and English to ensure that each session provides a well-rounded experience. This diversity of professionals fosters an enjoyable and educational environment for the children

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